Friday, September 21, 2012

Lucky now.

My intern told me today she's only just started listening to Ryan Adams. [Insert shock here.] 

She immediately gained credit for stating the first song she heard - the song that reeled her in - was "The Sun Also Sets." While not the first Ryan Adams song I heard, it did move me. I've been thinking how lucky she is; about the total discovery of each and every Ryan Adams song that is ahead of her. 

There's Gold, touted by the man himself as a 'modern classic,' with its heartfelt lyrics and rocking anthems. "New York, New York" is on that album. That song still brings me to my knees. Then there's Love is Hell Part 1 + 2. The album names alone let you know you're heading into his darker days. And that's fine, some of his best work came from those days, those hours. She's still got "English Girls Approximately," "Come Pick Me Up" (forever a favorite), "Oh My Sweet Carolina," and "Memories of You," "Crazy About You"...the list is long. And the songs are incredible. 

Let's not forget (as if I ever could) all of the albums with the Cardinals. "Dear John," "The Hardest Part"...I have a fond memory of walking to work when I was still living in Raleigh with "The Hardest Part" set to repeat on my gen 2 iPod. It was winter of 2006. (I note this because it meant something to me at that time.) When the elevator doors of my office building closed, I danced my ass off to the lyrics 'I've been turned around, I've been mystified by a true love, and that ain't the hardest part.'

I just played her "If I Am A Stranger." The acoustic version off Follow The Lights, and I think she's hooked. She loved it. Particularly the last line: 'I will try to be there for you, If I can, what if I can?'

What if I can?

No idea who took this photo. Unfortunately it wasn't me. Damn good shot though, right? 

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