Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A little bit of old home in my new home.

You know those moments that stop you in your tracks? I'm talking about when you feel someone miiiight get you? Like, get. you.

Had one the other night when I was gifted the video below of The Rosebuds, Raleigh's indie darlings, singing my very favorite song. That could have been all it was, and that would have been more than fine. But wait for it. This video was shot in my neighborhood - in New York - and features a rare, raw, acoustic version of Blue Bird. And. It. Slays. Me. So now "more than fine" becomes "amazing," and the video moves to my daily to watch list.

Because I love layers - in life and fashion - there's more. I'm homesick. For Carolina. So this video of friends from my old home performing in my new home, well it hit home. And just when I needed it.

Friday, April 15, 2011

To, from

Dear Spring,

Thanks for showing up.

New York City

(Well, sort of.)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

One of those nights.

There are New York nights. Then there are New York Nights.

Last night was one of those Nights.

How could it not be when it begins at The Modern (err, my "local") and ends at Blue Ribbon, with TV On the Radio at Radio City Music Hall thrown in the middle for good measure? Good drinks, great food and even better music in one of New York's storied landmarks.

Walking into Radio City you can't help but feel as if you're walking back in time, to a grander era. But when TVOTR exploded on stage, you were right there in the present; immersed in a New York Night.

Radio City 4/13/11, photo courtesy of Brooklyn Vegan.