Tuesday, February 17, 2009

To Russia, from Thakoon

Imagine my delight in seeing an Ushanka (not unlike mine) go down the runway at Thakoon! I've had a semi- life long love affair with these luxe hats. Possibly stemming from my belief in the romance of all things Russian (sorry Kel) and my long-standing "Doctor Zhivago"-inspired dream of speeding through Russia's snowy landscape to some forgotten, frozen ice mansion.

Good to know I can relive that dream in a pencil skirt and sheer top.

Image courtesy of nymag.com.

The Russian-inspired looks weren't the only spot-on designs he sent down the runway. Featuring 35 refined (yet with edge) looks that combined uber-feminine styles with playful, sexy accents and texture, Thakoon's show was filled with wearable, retail-friendly (we are in a down market after all) pieces. I'll take one of each, but first on my list are the nude frock with the after-hours untied bow and bright navy, belted satin dress. I'd even entertain his multi-colored fur cropped jackets, but only if I could accessorize with the emerald, envy-inducing gloves he showed as well. A collection well done!

Image courtesy of nymag.com.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Blue Monday.

It seems odd that after a weekend of red, I'd be left feeling blue on this Monday. It could be the Love Hangover playlist I created over two years ago and am currently listening to in the office. It could be the Love Hangover itself, my favorite show of all time that happens each year on the day after Valentine's, full of boy/girl duos singing break-up and make-up covers. It could be that the cold has returned and with it the layers and the freezing office. And, it just could be that blue feeling that strikes every so often when you allow it to come over you.

In any event, here's to turning the blue start to the week, into something vibrant and bold a la Lela Rose's striking azure dress shown in her F/W 2009 collection. If it's blue I'm feeling, I'd rather be donning this.

Photo courtesy of nymag.com.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Home of the $10 manicure.

Reason #874 why I love New York!