Monday, July 13, 2009

Weather-appropriate dress is chic.

The opposite, however, is not. The first sign of precipitation usually results in my building an outfit surrounding my green wellies (or the platinum or Pucci styles if I'm feeling bold). This morning between tea and Twitter, I must have overlooked - i.e. ignored - the weather forecast, which, by the way, was cloudy and 90% rain. Off to the office in my MJ silk tiered dress from Spring 2005 (you never forsake your first designer purchases no matter how long ago they hit the racks) and gladiators. Enter the office soaked (will silk dry properly?) and nearly-shoeless (Thank the good Lord - and thoughtful shoe designers - for ankle straps.).

Thankful for the friends that will pick you up, take you home, let you re-dress, take you back to the office, and wish you a good day.

Right as, well, rain in my menswear-inspired ensemble part deux.