Friday, May 15, 2009

Mmmm. . .

Today as I was reading (yes, reading) "Fabulous at Every Age" in my Harper's Bazaar it hit me that I no longer fit (age-wise) in to the 20s box. I have always browsed through every age group and make note of items I covet regardless of where I am - or they are recommended to be - on the calendar of life. So, why this morning did I suddenly want to be told to "Select a sweet palette of pinks and yellows?" (I've never been described sweet, sartorially speaking, in my life.) I'm much more in the "Get a sharp look in graphic black and white" camp that was recommended for those in their 30s.

Whatever the reason must explain for why I reached for my smashing new pair of vermillion jeans over my black skinnys.