Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring in my city, my step

Sometimes, when I weather through something - a proverbial "storm," if you will - I remark (yeah, out loud), that I "made it through." Could be the night, day, cold, heat, lunch, conference call. . . whatever. The point being I came out on the other side. Finally. Saying it out loud is all that more affirming. Reassuring, even.

As March winds it's way out of my life (thankyouverymuch), I can resolutely say, "I made it through" the winter. And does it feel good to come out on the other side. The side of spring and new beginnings and the promise of pretty much everything.

Hailing from the South, I'm not sure I ever fully appreciated the change of seasons. To be honest, I'm not sure I ever experienced them. I have now. And I'm better for it. I've now weathered a winter - a couple of them actually. And I made it through. We all did, I suppose.

I started the winter - or ended the summer more accurately - with Florence's Dog Days Are Over. Let's say it more than got me through those harsh days. Now there's spring in my step (and my city) and my ears are tuned to The Black Keys' Everlasting Light as they promise, "The dark days are through." Are they ever.


Paris, October 2010