Thursday, October 22, 2009

In the future, fashion will be ___________.

It's no secret I'm enamored with Ashley Olsen. Though I can see this is a recent development in affection. I am not one of her "loved you since Full House" fans. My admiration stems mainly from her sartorial influence, her unabashed love for fashion, inherent personal style and just how damn cool I imagine her to be.

Last night I went to hear her and a panel that included Robin Givhan and Isaac Mizrahi, moderated by Cindi Leive Editor-in-Chief of Glamour, speak about The Future of Women's Fashion at 92nd Street Y. What an interesting, insightful evening made entertaining by a lively, fashion-centric panel. Hats off to Robin Givhan who with her witty responses stole the show. Perhaps the biggest surprise to me was Cindi Leive - the person I knew least about. "Knew" being a figurative term and concerning only things I have read in the media or opinions formed by collections, taste, etc. Cindi was clever and captivating and dressed in killer Louboutins. She epitomized everything a magazine editor (in-chief, that is) should be with a dash of approachability that was welcome.

Ashley Olsen, who second to only subject matter (and a close second it was) was the reason I got tickets, did not disappoint. Her dress (a production sample from The Row) was effortlessly chic and her. Shoes. Were. Fabulous.

On top of her outfit, her answers and commentary on fashion, her process and the road she's traveled were thoughtful and earnest and many resonated with me for personal reasons. She spoke about now being a great time for new creatives and entrepreneurs to go after their passion and dream. Couldn't we all stand a dose of optimism in the form of "go out and chase af
ter your dream"? She spoke about her boutique, deliberate process at The Row and her desire to keep it small and manageable. Refreshing! A designer (and a sought-after one) doesn't want to exponentially expand?

Ashley also cited her sister as her "no. 1 team." Ashley, the same goes with me. In life and now in work, my sister is my no. 1 team.

Thanks to 92Y for producing such an inspiring and informative event. Thanks to Cindi for rocking those sky-high stilettos and acting every inch the fashion magazine type. And thanks to a diverse and sartorially-brilliant panel.

In the future, fashion will be fashion and that's "exciting," "democratic" and uplifting.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

To the city I love.

Every Moment. . . Love Begins

Here begins my live-in love affair with New York.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Same floor number; new view

I did it. I made the move to THE city. As in New York, NY. And I love it. To the many, many tomes singing the praises (both big and small) of this city, I humbly add my Love List while enjoying the view from the second floor.

1. After each outing you return home a little more fabulous.
2. There is something new - literally - around each corner.
3. Because you don't know "neighborhood" until you live in one in NYC.
4. $.75 corner coffee from the same gentleman each morning. Yes to cream, no (still) to sugar.
5. Horns honking.
6. The sunset against skyscrapers.
7. A proper newsstand where VOGUE UK arrives on time.
8. Purchasing The New Yorker - in New York.
9. Delivery.
10. Your first victory on the subway. "No Uptown 6 here? Fine, I can still get there."
11. Prix Fixe lunches with friends in SoHo.
12. Walking, everywhere.
13. "Can I send a messenger for that."
14. Most smells.
15. It happens here first.
16. Things like jewelry shops with Banh Mi stands and dumpling walk-up windows exist here along side haute cuisine.
17. Yellow cabs.
18. The NFT guide.
19. Chrysler Building.
20. The rhyme and reason behind the Empire State Building's color scheme.
21. Emerging from the subway into the brisk night.
22. Feeling home in the city.
23. We'll see tomorrow. . .