Friday, March 26, 2010

Sick for the big sun.

Another gray day. Another gray view. Phoenix on repeat, occasionally mixed with Hot Chip or Passion Pit, or whatever keeps me moving. Dare I say, my day would be infinitely better with these beauties (Alexander Wang Freja boot) on my feet?

Well, these and a few other things.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Family first + firsts.

This is a shout out to my lil bro - E. I met him long before I fathomed he would become my brother-in-law, though I like to think (and maybe did think) I knew he would immediately. When I recalled meeting him later that day/week to my sister it went like this, "I met a guy you need to date. Like now." The next year was pretty much filled with chance - or "arranged" - meetings and more convincing. Then it happened. They met, dated, fell in love, married and I have a brother - a family first.

You see, having a sister is without a doubt the greatest gift my parents ever gave me. Having a brother (via marriage) is one of the greatest gifts my sister gave me. I like to think it's mainly because it's E and he's pretty much fantastic. Eschewing the typical "sister/brother-in-law" relationship, E and I are family, and friends. We look out for each other, check in on each other, update each other and share with each other. On top of all of that, E makes these playlists called "Big Sis" and then he numbers or dates them. When I visited my favorite two in Boston last weekend, I, of course, left with a playlist of amazing new tunes courtesy of lil bro. (It is necessary to note that playlist has pretty much been ALL I've listened to since my trip.) I caught a glimpse of his library, full of playlists and saw the several dedicated to just me. Family first, that's E. And that's me.

From my latest Big Sis list: "Mallory" by Tigercity, "I Feel Better" by Hot Chip, "Something, Somewhere, Sometime" by Ben Solle.