Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I see London, I see France

Good is sticking with your New Year's goal (resolutions are so over) to go to yoga every. single. day. Not good is sticking to your New Year's goal and going to yoga wearing your most favorite (equally new) Stella McCartney high-waisted panties. Before I totally alienate all 7 male readers, these are 'granny panties' only on sight unseen. In truth they are the epitome of lingerie chic; gorgeous and leopard print. They are not, however, ideal for an intense hour and a half yoga class where one attempts numerous inversions only to come crashing out of one upon realizing there is more leopard than Lululemon showing. Center shaken, church laugh happened, maybe I swore. I definitely swore off any skivvies that may have been fashionably appropriate during 'Mad Men.'


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Well, that happened.

Pulled out the old puffy coat for the first time this season. As it's not my most figure flattering outerwear, I attempted to counterbalance its bulk with wool tights and a pair of heels that I wouldn't want to chuck out the window after walking 15 blocks to the office. (Long blocks; avenue blocks.) It is here that I should thank my true friend Jennifer for convincing me not to get the ankle-length down coat my cold weather-averse Mother suggested. I believe her exact words were, "Do you want to look like a sleeping bag?" Point made. I'm not totally convinced today's puffy/slim combo was successful as I was 1) Sweating like a whore in church (Thanks Dad for that gem) when I arrived at le office and 2) Still wanted to send my Sigerson Morrison booties out the window. But there's Bon Iver on my iTunes (can't deal with Spotify's commercials + connectivity) and leftover collards in my lunch bag. So, the [immediate] future is pretty bright.

Happy New Year y'all.