Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Today marks my two-year anniversary in New York. Let me just let that sink in for a minute. (For me, not you.)

It's not that I ever doubted this day would arrive. In fact, I'm more than sure there will be a three, a five and maybe even a 13-year anniversary. It's just that with each significant date, I'm the sort of gal that sits back and reflects. And today I'm doing that to a few songs and artists that have always reminded me of New York - my city, my home.

New York was in my heart long before I was in its streets. I'm not sure why, but it's a love affair that bloomed and endured over the years, the moves, the job, the heartaches, the successes and just about everything else that came my way. And like the really good love, it never wanes. So, even though these last two years haven't been a total fairytale, my love for New York is real and here to stay.

What I know now is that the city changes, and you better change with it. Fourteen months in is vastly different than nine (the approximate time I was considering packing my bags), your luck can change - maybe even by day's end - and sometimes the energy of the city is all you need. I've also come to find that New York can be a very small place. (It's true, trust me.) And that more often than not the city gives you what you need, but you have to work to get what you really want. And there's a beauty in that. And the hardest part is. . . is there a "hardest part?" Maybe it's knowing there is so much out there - so much to New York. How to feel it all?

I guess only time, and the years to come, will tell.

And to New York, borrowed from another North Carolinian-turn-New Yorker: "The world won't wait, so I better shake that thing right out there through the door, hell I still love you, New York. ~ Ryan Adams

View from my East Village rooftop.