Friday, December 12, 2008

A memorable view.

Today on my five-block walk from car to office (too cold for scooter, though I applaud those still on two wheels), I saw the most moving site. Outside of the Marbles Museum and across from the Nativity scene in Moore Square, was hundreds of presents and goodies being loaded into a Salvation Army truck. Even better than witnessing generosity through giving, were the smiles and sheer joy on the faces of the "elves" loading the truck. Thank goodness for the human heart and capacity to give even in lean times.

It's a wonderful life.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

She's got legs.

This winter I'm mildly, OK more than mildly, obsessed with legwear. I've had colored stems (a fancy way to say I've been wearing tights) for 6 days straight with little color repeat. Each time I pull open my hosiery drawer I'm instantly mesmerized by its vibrant color spectrum. You see, one benefit of having a primarily-black wardrobe is the ability to wear color in my accessories. So goes it with my bold heels (current love: Jerome C. Rousseau Dragon Pump), rainbow of Lucite and now, opaque tights.

I haven't been shy about purchasing said colorful tights. And I haven't been shy about touting their virtue to any and everyone that will listen. (Tune into the N&O's Living in Style - out December 6 - spread for a 'how-to' on opaque legwear.) Stocked with a chic rainbow of leggings and tights, why do I secretly long for PVC leggings? I'd even settle for shiny lame' because PVC does seem better-suited for floating on than putting on. After much debate (OK, it took seeing, for the 15th time, a kick-ass picture of Kate Moss sporting a pair) I've taken the plunge. American Apparel is on my side and will now deliver one pair of black lame' leggings to my doorstep. Time, and a full-length mirror, will determine if they'll see the outside world. . .

In the name of fashion.

Dragon pump, Jerome C. Rousseau