Friday, February 12, 2010

Let Love rule.

I used to think I was so cool sketching the title of Lenny Kravitz's debut album all over my composition (yeah, I said it) book. I'm certain I didn't own the album at that time, but saw it on some older, cooler kid's notebook (ahem, 8th grade crush). Nonetheless, I was totally taken with those three words.

Then Lenny's lines began to take a different, more powerful shape for me. "Let love rule" - at once a suggestion and a command. Or maybe a gentle reminder. Let, love, rule.

In honor of Valentine's (the very word is beautiful to me), I'm raising a glass for Love. Here's to the most sought-after, abused, welcomed, shunned, perfect, imperfect, forgiving thing out there. Here's to Love sticking around. Here's to Love spreading. Here's to Love ruling.

Thanks Lenny.